Back to the Future New Normal – Part I

This article is just the first of eight parts of my “Back to the Future New Normal” saga.
I want to rise up topics, reasons, actions, and diverse variables, which — based on facts — will affect our future. I hope you enjoy these slightly dark-toned texts.

The Operator Whisperer

Never say never! I learned this because when I was in general upper secondary school, I said that I will never become a teacher. And guess what happened? I have been an instructor, coach, trainer, training officer, educator, training manager, and home-teacher. So, what have I learned since 1994? Was I born and raised as a trainer?

The Game of Corona Ep.3

Facing the novel biological threat SARS-CoV2 has inspired versatile scientific studies around the subject. Researchers´ interests worldwide have been aimed to investigate e.g. the mode of transmission, the easiness of spreading and sustainability of the coronavirus.

Traditional Method vs Enhanced Method

Nowadays, technology is constantly developing in a very rapid rate. This gives different organizations and individual operators a vast variety of possibilities to extend and enhance their actions and procedures in different situations. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the operative capabilities of their equipment and chemical detectors are no exception.