CBRN Insights is pilot project from a group of CBRN credited and enthusiastic professionals from Environics Oy, in order to create valuable and useful content for all of those involved within this safety niche field.

Based in Mikkeli, Finland, this team shares the passion for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear monitoring solutions development and implementation.

Who are the contributors?

Katja Kiukas

M.Sc. in Cell Biology, BBA in Risk and Environmental Management

I am Katja, a proven CBRN professional in the field of biological detection and identification & CBRN Monitoring Systems. I have a technology, application and business oriented mindset, flavored with design thinking and interest for UX design in creating successful CBRN solutions.

Mika Saarinen

Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Technology

I am Mika, a relatively new face in the CBRN business and eagerly learning new things every day.
I have grown my expertise especially in the handheld chemical detection segment bringing fresh thoughts and insights to the subject.

Toni Leikas

CBRN Capt. (Ret), CBRN Specialist

I am Toni, a CBRN professional with approximatelly 20-year experience in training and educating Security and CBRN matters. I have trained operators from over 50 different nationalities, from a wide range of occupational areas from First Responders to Scientists.

Teemu Partanen

Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Technology

I am Teemu and I have been working in the CBRN field since 2004, focusing mainly in chemical detection. Throughout my career, I have been taken from technical specialization to product management and sales support, as well as technical and practical CBRN training. I am on top of the trends and market requirements of military and civil defense first responders.

Johannes Leppihalme

Master of Business Administration

I am Johannes and I am responsible of growing CBRN solutions’ business for first responders, especially in US and China. Experience in CBRN I have gained from the decontamination side of the business and now I have opportunity to sense & detect as well. My blog posts have strong business focus and stories come always from the battle field!

Krister Liljegren

M.Sc. in Marketing, B. Eng. in Construction Technology & Industrial Management

I am Krister, a tech orientated sales traveler with over 20 years working experience in global safety and security industry. Chemical, biological, and radiation affairs have been keeping me busy for past 15 years at Environics. When I’m not needed at the office, I like to go out with my beardless friends as people assume I’m their leader! 🙂

We Sense & Detect for a Safer World

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